Garden of Venus

An exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio that combines digital art and music with traditional art-making.

This historic exhibit took place in November of 2022.

Mahall’s Art Gallery, 2nd floor, attendees received a free NFT they can claim without needing crypto.

NFTs have become a way for women to yield more power in the arts and tech. While women have always been at the forefront of art and technology, blockchain allows them to take ownership. One goal of our exhibition is to challenge the perception of value; is women’s art more valuable in the ether or in the flesh? Women are extremely underrepresented in traditional art genres – solo shows, secondary market, etc. 

Though blockchain technology has become a major transition in our time, the mainstream remains fearful despite the fact major companies are pouring millions of dollars into it (Salesforce, Meta, Time Inc., Mastercard, Sotheby’s, 1st Dibs) and it will soon become a common piece of tech we all use. NFTs provide an easy introduction to the use of blockchain; they are a way for people to confirm ownership, but community access and investment in creators is what people truly buy them for. And many of those crypto art communities are run by women.

The Super Psychedelic Sisters are trying to enact a change in participation, educating and onboarding more to Web3.

Despite the ability to break stigmas, women only make up 16% of the NFT space. This trend is rapidly changing, women in the crypto art space do not want a repeat of the traditional art world, and even worse statistics. Resident engagement and education is our second major goal, and part of our mission is to teach the public that crypto art is approachable and here to stay. We hope to onboard as many women, LGBTQ, and BIPOC artists into this new art world by showing them a space for their work to shine and an avenue to earn without a middleman.

A group of Super Psychedelic Sisters NFTs will be sold on the Tezos blockchain with 50% proceeds of these artworks going toward Studio West Foundation in Cleveland.

This is the first and only women-led NFT exhibition in the state of Ohio to date. 

A portion of this exhibition is sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council.