About Us

We are three women artists based in Cleveland. Ohio. We are excited to continue our practice of traditional painting, and pair it with digital art and Web3. Some of us are new to NFTs and digital art and some seasoned professionals. We want to educate creators, collectors, and spread beauty in this crazy world.

What is Web3? Well here is a primer for you.

Arabella Proffer

Tessa LeBaron

Jenna Fournier

  • What is A Crypto Wallet?

    What is A Crypto Wallet?

    Your wallet is where you can see your assets, whatever those may be.

  • Garden of Venus: A Women in Web3 Art Exhibit

    Garden of Venus: A Women in Web3 Art Exhibit

    This will be the first and only women-led NFT exhibition in the state of Ohio and this part of the country to date.

  • Becoming an NFT Collector

    Becoming an NFT Collector

    There are whole genres and sub-genres; Black and White photography NFT, Abstract NFT, collage NFT, minimalism, female characters, Dark Art NFT, AI Generated, boobs (animated, pixelated, all colors, all types), and cats.

  • What Do I Get?

    What Do I Get?

    An NFT is not the art itself, but is an agreement about the art. And, it has a built-in certificate of authenticity.