What Do I Get?

Ah yes, NFTs. So many misconceptions and so little time. What we got wrong was the media has led first with the art. Questionable art at times. But, as people like to say in Web3, the art is the least important part of NFTs. That isn’t totally true, but understanding that we led with the image and not what the tech behind the image is for, is something that needs to be clarified.

An NFT is not the art itself, but is an agreement about the art. And, it has a built-in certificate of authenticity.  

Now, in my case I am what is called a 1/1 artist, although I do sell sets of NFT “prints” as a way for more people to own the image and own something that is created by me. You have the original piece, and then you can make digital prints in either a limited or open edition. Owning an original 1/1 is great, in fact I have many, but I’ve also bought into editions by artists. You can keep them, sell them, trade them, or even lend them out.

Tessa LeBaron

My “The Ornate Acids” collection is where I have 1/1 art NFTs that give you access to a IRL colored pencil drawing that is matted and ready to frame. Tristan Eaton has a mechanism for his GEMMA NFTs wherein you turn your 1/1 back in to Tristan via his website to get a IRL 24×24” print signed by him. This is genius and controls the volume and ecosystem of his art project.

NFTs will unlock access to services and communities. You aren’t just buying an image, you are buying into events, physical items, and access. Access maybe to Q&As with Doctors, Chefs, Photographers, like MasterClass. Access to hotels, transport, and personal services like spas and tattooing. We are already seeing it with real estate. Ah, how much simpler is an NFT with all the contracts in one go, over signing endless paperwork?

Cohort NFTs are like this: imagine receiving an NFT because you came to Mark Ryden’s first solo show, or were one of the first to buy an Air Jordan? How valuable that would be in the future? NFTs like these prove that you took action and a certain time and supported early. How might Mark Ryden or Nike reward those customers? A special airdrop? Discounts, early access? I can’t help but imagine Andy Warhol would make use of this in some creative ways.

The Super Psychedelic Sisters are excited to be creating a CoHort NFT as well as our 1/1 artworks with the help of one of our partners, Voice. These are known as POAP or Proof of Attendance Protocol. Basically, free swag NFT! This is much like check-ins or tagging a venue, person or brand. You can keep it, sell it down the road, or trade it. But, you’ll have to either attend one of our events, or scan a special QR code to get it. I know, it’s super hard having this much fun with new tech!

More on POAPs

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